Buildings & Renewable Energy Sources

There has been much talk going on in the past decades about decarbonisation of the economy. And as if that wasn’t a big enough problem to tackle, this year brought about an energy crisis. Electricity prices are soaring in Europe. In the Iberian market, the price for 1MWh has reached its second highest historical value.Continue reading “Buildings & Renewable Energy Sources”

Cost-Effectiveness: Getting the Most out of Building Renovation

Lately, there’s been much talk of climate change and climate policy. Even though it’s been in the news and in our conversations since at least 1988, two events have arguably sparked more discussions than ever in the past months: the recent IPCC report (officially called the Sixth Assessment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)Continue reading “Cost-Effectiveness: Getting the Most out of Building Renovation”

Lo-Tech Solutions: Solar Water Heaters and their Embodied Carbon

Dr. Harry Zvi Tabor was a British-Israeli physicist who is known for pioneering work in the field of solar energy in Israel. His work isn’t only relevant in the academic world, but had a big impact on the energy use of israeli cities. He developed a solar water heater that is the most common in theContinue reading “Lo-Tech Solutions: Solar Water Heaters and their Embodied Carbon”