About us

Future climate scenarios show an imperative need for building stock transformation. Our goal is to drive the necessary action to renovate and boost energy efficiency in the sector. We’re looking for a positive impact of the built environment on nature, human health and well-being. Sustainability is not enough, which is why we advocate for a regenerative approach to design and construct buildings for the future generation.

We provide design, energy modelling, and simulation services to our clients, framing our recommendations within existing legislation and future climate data. Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (nZEB) and Energy-Positive are at the core of our services. Our holistic approach is based on Life Cycle Assessment, balancing passive and active solutions, building performance, and environmental impact of materials. Human comfort (thermal and visual) guides our energy-efficient recommendations.

The Portuguese building stock is a priority for the European Commission within the Renovation Wave initiative. Based in Porto, Portugal, at Dosta Tec we create solutions at the forefront of the transformation.

Mateo Barbero

Researcher at INESC TEC, Centre for Power and Energy Systems (CPES). Industrial Engineer, specialised in Sustainable Energy Systems at MIT Portugal

Adrian Krężlik

Architect and engineer, daylight expert and computational designer. PhD researcher at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Porto