Green Building Certificates

Building performance assessment may be formalised with certificates and standard reporting. We provide modelling, simulation, and analytical services to prepare building projects for sustainability assessment and performance approval, following the criteria of each certification method.


  • Ene 01 Reduction of energy use and carbon emissions
  • Ene 04 Low carbon design
  • Hea 01 Visual comfort
  • Hea 04Thermal comfort


  • Energy and Atmosphere:
    • Minimum Energy Performance,
    • Optimize Energy Performance,
    • Renewable Energy 
  • Materials and Resources: 
    • Building Life-Cycle Impact Reduction,
    • Environmental Product Declarations,
    • Sourcing of Raw Materials
  • Indoor Environmental Quality:
    • Thermal Comfort,
    • Daylight,
    • Quality View


  • Light (features 53-63)
  • Comfort (feature 76: Thermal Comfort)