All industries in the European Union are looking to decarbonise following the new Fit for 55 plan. Anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions are one of the key drivers of climate change.

Our proposal seeks to decarbonise the entire lifecycle of the building. Following ISO 14040 standard, we manage the trade-off between embodied carbon and operational carbon to meet with new regulations and the project’s own carbon budget.

We base our embodied carbon data on Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for each material and supplier. We complement our analysis by sourcing from our internal repository of embodied carbon data when EPDs are not available.

  • Cradle-to-Gate embodied carbon assessment (phases A1-A3):
    • Structural materials
    • Envelope materials
    • Insulation materials
  • Operational carbon assessment (phase B6)
  • Guidelines for building End-of-Life (phases C1-C4)
  • Biomaterials feasibility assessment