Training for Professionals


We work with our clients to develop their skills in the area of building performance and optimisation, focusing on regenerative construction and decarbonisation. We teach Building Energy Modelling (BEM), Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), and Daylight Studies. We balance technical knowledge and methodology. Our offered services include introductory courses for non-technical teams.


We work with professionals within the area of Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC), and aim at producing high-performance teams through custom-built content. We have broad experience in both academic and professional settings. We offer:

  1. Masterclass: standalone courses that balance lecture-like training with hands-on, practical examples. We offer standardised evaluations to assess the training’s results.
  2. Real Decision-Making: 3-day workshop sprints aimed at coproducing bespoke solutions for an ongoing building performance problem (energy, daylight, and comfort) faced by our clients. We transfer our skills in the process.


The internalised skills are transportable to a wide array of tools. Our software choice for our courses is based on professional validation and proven efficacy:

  1. Envelope design and geometry is performed on Rhinoceros 3D.
  2. The parametric modelling process is performed on Honeybee for Grasshopper.
  3. The modelled data then flows through EnergyPlus or OpenStudio simulation engines, depending on specific needs.